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Founded in 2006 in Xiamen, EYEPOL it is a high-tech enterprises integrating the development, design, production and sales of sunlens. The core products are TAC polarized lens, PC lens, PC polarized lens, PA lens, PA polarized lens.

Eyepol has a standard intelligent, automatic and dust-free production workshop. It takes the lead in adopting SAP-ERP system in sunlens industry. Introducing advanced production technology and equipment, uses advanced detection means and perfect quality assurance system, implements production in strict accordance with......

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Core advantages

Patented technology

Eyepol is a national high-tech enterprise with 79 authorized patents, including 6 invention patent, 65 utility model patents, and 8 design patents.

Quality system

Eyepol has internationally advanced testing instruments, and its testing capabilities covers ISO/ANSI/AS/GB/QB standards for sunglasses industry. The detection products covers sunglasses, safety eyewear, ski goggles and protective eyewear. 

Equipment exhibition

Eyepol has a leading dust-free production workshop, AI intelligent manufacturing and testing equipment; besides, constantly innovation, research and development of the latest technology, provide solid guarantee for production and ensure high quality products and excellent  services to customers.

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