Quality Advantage

Quality Advantage - Testing



1. No easy to cause delamination

Superior laminating

Suitable for variety environment

High temperature resistance and high humidity

Not easy to damage during manufacturing process

2. Excellent Stability 

Adopt shrink proof TAC panel

UV resistant test: 24 hours without color fading

3. Scratch resistant

Prolong the service life of the product

Reduce the defective rate

4. Lens Intensity

All lenses can pass high-speed particle impact test

5. Lens light transmittance performance

The common lenses pass EN ISO12312-1:2013, ANSI Z80.3:2008, AS/NZS1067:2003 standard

6. Single piece lens optical degree

Lens base below 7C all can pass European standard CLASS1

7. Polarization ratio

Lens polarization ratio after curving, error limited ±1°

8. Finished glass optical degree

Accurate cutting, right assembly can ensure the lens pass EN ISO12312-1, ANSI Z80.3, and AS/NZS1067 standards

9. High hardness

Hardness better than normal lens

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