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Quality Advantage - Production Characteristic

Production Characteristic


Stable Bending Tech

EYEPOL has a wide range of different types of bending machines to make various shape. The lens bended by EYEPOL is highly accurate and stable, and it is not easy to cause distortion of the lens.

Hardcoating Tech

Using advanced coating technology, the lens have a hard wear-resistant protective layer to enhance surface hardness, and it is not easily scratched, or broken, and prolongs the life of the lens.

Anti-oil Tech

EYEPOL DSX oil anti-oil technology, suitable for TAC, PC / PCPL, PA / PAPL lens. With super oil-proof effect, it's more easier to wipe, and effectively extend the life of the lens.

Tinting Tech

With EYEPOL stable tinting technology, the colors are strongly adhesive to the surface, and there is no risk of crossing catagory.

Precision Injection tech

Imported high-precision injection equipment, advanced materials, a technical engineer team with over 15 years of experience, all these make EYEPOL's injection quality ahead of its peers.

Coating tech

EYEPOL's independent coating technology production line can handle large quantities of orders. And imported coating equipment as well as advanced raw materials can guarantee the coating colors, lens functions, and service life.

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