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Eyepol’s Talent Concept  

Eyepol's employment standard is: have innovation consciousness and the enterprising spirit.

Eyepol's competition mechanism is: almighty, form, the sucker.

Eyepol do its best to let people work comfortable on suitable position.

Eyepol not only leave a person through treatment, are more willing to through career advancement opportunities, and recognition.

Talent is the soul of enterprise development and competition. Eyepol Polarizing Technology regards talent as the first resource; enterprises rely on the talent as the fundamental premise of enterprise development, put respect the talent as a fundamental criterion for enterprise development, put promote the enterprise and employees development as the basic task of talents strategy. In the practice of human resource, Eypol Polarizing Technology good at provide sufficient talent stage. At the same time, through various effective ways, and constantly improve the enterprise human resources management level and the comprehensive qualities of talents, promote the development of the enterprise and the staff of each other, and lead employees to share the achievements of enterprise development and achieve common development, sharing success.

A, of men and use

Eyepol Polarizing Technology obedience to the people-oriented enterprise management concept, insist on broad prospects development, with a good career goals to motivate people. By establishing a scientific and effective mechanism of talents, build a positive talents growth environment, for every employee to provide a sufficient talent stage, and through continuous creating personal development opportunities, make all kinds of talents have to be successful, realize self value opportunities. On choose employ persons, Eyepol Polarizing Technology obedience to the concept for ability and for creativity, is not only academic ability, is not only the diploma level, pay more attention to the performance and potential. Through the establishment of a fair competition mechanism and the good cultural environment, give full play to each employee's enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, let staff love his position like his life, make people comfortable, of men and use.

B, common development, sharing success

Without the efforts of the staff, there is no business success, not success of the enterprise, also won't have the success of the employees. Let employees and companies grow together, common development, is the Eyepol Polarizing Technology’s talent development. Eyepol encourage employees to combine their own development with the company's long-term planning, provide employees with a variety of growth path and development mode. As the platform of employee development and promotion, Eyepol Polarizing Technology efforts to create good growth condition, provide a broad space for development, make the staff can play the greatest potential; realize the common development of employees and enterprises. Eyepol Polarizing Technology adhere to the idea of equality and care. No position differences between people, only different responsibilities. Respect for the personality and the pursuit of employees, encourage employees to improve their own capabilities, approve staff's achievements. At the same time, adhere to the idea of development by staff, development for the employees, share achievement with employees,

Pay attention to the interest balance of enterprise and employee, propose unity and cooperation, create and share value, achieve common development between enterprises and employees, share the success of a win-win situation. People foremost.


Regards employees as the basic force of enterprise, implement the strategy of talent, committed to build a passionate, business, technology comprehensive talent team. Encourage employees to self-taught, striving to improve confidence. Strengthen the employee training education and encouraged to use all kinds of salary distribution, let employees feel safe, own belonging and accomplishment sense, and have life economic security, fully mobilize employee self life value.

Integrity work - integrity should become the basic characteristics of the company and the spirit of all staffs. Honesty is the company employees’ way of doing things, in the spirit of honesty to manage enterprise. Set up enterprise and employee image with good faith, and proud from good faith.


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