Company Profile

About Eyepol - History

In 2006, Founded of R&D and marketing team.


In 2007, Introduction of Korea andJapan’s advanced polarization technology.


In 2008, Combine foreign advanced technology and stable raw material from ACTIF, put our products into the market.


In 2009, Business sales accounted for eighty percent ofChina’s high-grade glasses market, become a reliable cooperation partner of famous brands.


In 2010, Increase production line, breakthrough the annual output of 10 million pairs, become polarization industry obsession.


In 2011, Research the most advanced DSX NM Oleophobic lens, lead the time reform of TAC Super-hydrophobic lens.


In 2012, Comprehensive promotes EYEPOL’s super hardness, stable quality lenses, become the market mainstream products.


In 2013, In step with international fashion, launch a large number of REVO, Mirror colorful coating lens. Well received by users.


In 2014,Expand our production capacity again, and increase the composite production line.

In 2015,Our PC sample is passed of testing by major brands, and adopt extensively.





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